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Psalm 11





As the Psalm opens, we find that, once again, David is in trouble.  From the last several Psalms, it sure seems like David was in trouble a lot.  A whole lot.  We don’t know what the details are behind this particular Psalm but whatever they are it has created a pretty desperate situation.

In verse 1, it seems that folks are telling David he needs to run from the bad guys.  Specifically, they are telling him that he needs to go hide in the mountains someplace so that the wicked can’t find him.  After all, the wicked are shooting at him in verse 2.  And to make matters worse, they are shooting at him in the dark.  In other words, it is impossible for him to tell where the attack is coming from.

But in the very first sentence of this Psalm, David makes the statement that he will not run off to hide in the mountains.  Instead he will find his refuge, his safe place, his protection in the Lord.

Verse 3 poses a most interesting and important question.  “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  The foundations here refer to the rule of Law that civilized society is based on.  Specifically, this would be a reference to the Law God gave His people as the foundation upon which the nation of Israel was to be built.  So, the question is this.  If the wicked and evil people overcome the righteous, if civilization is reduced to anarchy, if there is no enforcement of law what is going to happen to the culture?

I don’t know that our country is there yet.  But there have been times in the last several months that it sure seemed like we were losing the historic foundations of this country.  So, the question David asked is important today?  If the foundations of our culture are destroyed what do we do?

David answered his question in verse 4.  You look to God.  And you know that regardless of how crazy it might be here, He is still on His throne.  He still sees everything that is going on.  And He is still in control.  It doesn’t matter how shaky the foundations of our culture become, His throne is always rock solid.  We can have confidence that He is not shaken.

In verse 5, David realizes that the righteous don’t get a pass.  God tests the righteous.  He examines the righteous for any signs of unrighteousness.  And any unrighteousness will be rooted out and destroyed.  But He also tests the unrighteous and because they are always guilty of wickedness and evil, His judgment is always certain.

Yesterday, we read where David was encouraging God to break the arms of the wicked.  Today, David is calling down fire and brimstone on the wicked.  Because God is righteous, He can only have one response to unrighteousness and that is ultimately annihilation.  Because God is righteous, He can only have one response to righteousness and that is to bring the righteous into personal relationship with Him.

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