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Joshua 12





SCRIPTURE: Joshua 12

 Author:  Joe Ligon

 One of the challenges of a doing a chapter by chapter devotional of the books of the Bible is occasionally you will encounter a chapter that proves to be a bit difficult to teach out of.  That is particularly true of the Old Testament that has a variety of the “begat” chapters.  Although Joshua 12 is not a begat chapter, it is one of those chapters that is more than a bit difficult to deal with.

 This is not a fault of the chapter.  Chapters of the Bible do not have faults.  It is a fault of the one doing these devotionals.  Simply, he is not smart enough to do much with the material at hand.  So, forgive him and pray for him that he will be smarter in the future.

 Now on to the chapter… Joshua 12 is a recounting of the battles fought as the nation of Israel marched across the wilderness under Moses’ leadership and through the Promised Land under Joshua’s leadership.  In many ways, it is short military history.

 History is important.  In fact, if we are focused enough we can learn great lessons from history: things we should do and things we should not do; things we should be proud of and things we should be ashamed of.  This chapter would have provided a great foundation for the people of Israel.  They could see how God had intervened time after time to provide great victory. 

 We need those histories as well.  That’s one of the reasons the Bible is so important to us.  It gives us a remarkable history of the work of God.  And as we think through what He has done, we are encouraged about what He will do.  Indeed as we read through the Bible we are told what God has done as well as what He will do.  We should find comfort and courage in that.


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