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Hebrews 13






As is common in the New Testament epistles, the last section of Hebrews is sort of a collection of exhortations.  It is sort of a list of some other things that need to be considered. 

The chapter starts with the admonition to continue to love other Christ followers who are in the local church.  But there is also an obligation to care for those we don’t know as well. And there is an exhortation to remember those in prison.  In this context, this would undoubtedly be a reference to those were imprisoned for the faith.  Regardless of the cause of imprisonment, we should remember those who are incarcerated.  They, too, need the Gospel.

From there, we move on to encounter a set of issues that need to be addressed for the sake of the Christian community.  One of those is the holiness and honorableness of marriage.  When the institution of marriage collapses, the community falls.  The second issue is sexual purity.  The glorious gift of sex was given by God to those who are Biblically married.  Any sexual activity outside the confines of Biblical marriage will eat away at the foundation of any community.  The third issue is money.  That’s always an issue, isn’t it?  Money is not bad or evil but it is important that we keep it in perspective.

In verse 7, the Christian community is reminded to remember those who had been the pastors and/or teachers.  Perhaps this is a reference to those leaders who had been with them and moved on to lead and teach others.  In verse 17, we find the admonition to the church for those who are currently their pastors/leaders/teachers.

Although this is a bit uncomfortable for me, the church has a responsibility to follow their God given leaders.  This is to be done with joy.  We also find in verse 17, that pastors will give an account for how the folks in their church(es) did.  So, for my sake, do better!

If we back up to verse 15 we find that we are exhorted to consistently praise God.  This is called a sacrifice because it takes time and effort to do this.  But He is worth is.

Verses 21 and 22 contain some great words about Jesus.  He is resurrected.  He is the Great Shepherd of us His sheep.  The new covenant is eternal because the blood of Jesus is better than the blood of any or all animals.  He gives us everything we need to do His will and to please Him.

And there we have it.  The journey through Hebrews is complete.  I know we skipped over the top of a lot things but I hope that our trip through this book as been informative, helpful, and important.

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