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Galatians 2






BY: Josh Boles

Sorry for the delay, our internet was down all morning.

Friday we talked about the Gospel. We talked about the fact that there is only one true Gospel, and anything else is not sufficient for Christian living. If your faith is in the one true Gospel than that will influence your way of living. That theme will continue in todays reading. Today we will look at Galatians 2:15-21.

Paul begins this segment by talking about justification. In light of our salvation and sanctification, it is crucial for us to understand the concept of justification. Before we get into the passage more lets unpack these terms a little bit. Paul does a pretty good job unpacking this in 15-16. Even himself being a Jew, he realizes that there are no good deeds that will save him. Only the justification of his sins through faith in Jesus Christ can do that. It is only because of this justification that we have so great a salvation and are able to be sanctified in His name.

The thing we must know about justification is that it is a one time thing. Christ died once, for all. When we are justified by His grace through faith our legal standing with God is permanently changed. There is nothing that can take that away. Go read Romans 8:38-39 if you don’t believe me. The thing we overlook sometimes is that the work of salvation is never complete in our lives until we go to be with Jesus. I want to be very clear here and affirm that I fully believe that our salvation is secure and eternal, so let me explain what I mean.

Salvation is not just our ticket into heaven. It is our calling to live lives separate from any other way of living that fights for our affection to the one true God. When we are justified we have entered into a covenant relationship with God. We are entering into a life of servanthood and devotion to Him and His perfect Word. We see this in the next few corresponding verses. Look closely at 17 and then the words spoken after.

It is clear here that when we are justified, we are no longer to be slaves to our sin, but a servant to the Lord. Verse 18-19 further affirms this point. Why would we tear down something that was just beautiful created. We neglect our old way of living so that we can live for God.

As I stated above, once justified our legal standing with God never changes, but sin in our life disrupts our fellowship with Him. This is where sanctification comes in to play. Sanctification is the active part of our salvation that continues until the day we get to go be with the Lord. This is what I mean by saying the work of salvation is never complete. It is a continual process to grow closer to Jesus each, and every day. Notice how in verse 20 Paul says I have been crucified WITH Christ. It is no longer our lives we are living, but His will living through us. Along with Christ’s death burial and resurrection, so went our life of slavery in sin. We have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

So think of your life just like we did yesterday. Think of the words you say, the thoughts you have, and the actions you make. Now consider the second half of verse 20. Is the life you live by faith in the Son of God, or is it in fleshly things. He loves us and gave His life for us not just so we could follow a list of rules and gain access to paradise. He died so we could make His name known and live for His glory. If the only thing Christ died for was for us to follow a long list of rules, than He died for nothing as we see in verse 21.

I want you to know my hear in this devotional today. I do not wish to chastise anybody or be harsh. This is something that I too must confess every day of my life. Living for Jesus and daily devotion to Him is not an option for us, we must continue to grow closer to Him. The point is not to be perfect. That is something we can never achieve on earth. The point is progress, to grow closer to Him daily. Be encouraged because Jesus loves you and He gave His life for you!

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Galatians 1






I am excited to begin our journey through Galatians this morning. For any Christ follower seeking to deepen your walk with Jesus, Galatians is a good book to read. A lot of the things Paul is saying to the Church in Galatia can be applied directly to our lives. There is a lot of practical wisdom for individual Christ followers and the Church as a whole.

I want to spend our time this morning in verse 6-10. In verses 1-3 Paul is introducing himself. The rest of the chapter, (11-24) as Jeremy mentioned yesterday, Paul is establishing his credibility. In our section we are going to be addressing the matter of the false gospel. I very much believe there is a false gospel being preached in the USA today. Maybe that is the gospel of consumerism, arrogance in knowledge, moral relativism, or anything else on the long list of problems we have. The problem is, these ideas have seeped into our homes, and our churches, so these verses could become very real to many of us today.

Paul starts of expressing his unbelief that the Church has actually fallen for these schemes of false doctrine. Paul is rebuking them for so quickly abandoning the true Gospel and turning to a false one. I think it is important to note that the people reading this letter probably considered themselves to still be Christians. And if they are reading this letter than they were still involved in the Church.

In verse 7 Paul makes it very clear that there is no other Gospel, yet false doctrine is still being taught. I believe that Paul is referring to visiting preachers here. Call them traveling evangelist if you will. Before we move on there is an important lesson we can learn here. Be VERY careful who you let influence your life. I am specifically referring to the sermons you listen to and even the books you read. Make sure the speaker, or author, is credible and preaches sound doctrine. I won’t mention any specific names, but there are more than a few false teachers our there today. If you want to know any of the pastor’s opinion on the matter, ask us!

In verse 8 and 9 Paul basically repeats himself. Paul is urging us to rebuke any false Gospel, even if he himself is the one teaching it. So this gets us back to our false gospel. We must know the the Gospel is unchanging. It does not need to be adapted to culture, or changed for relevancy. Sure, we are to communicate the Gospel effectively to our culture, but the Gospel message is perfect, and it is whole.

I think sometimes in America we are exposed to the true Gospel but still follow a false gospel. The true Gospel should give you a way of life that is separate from every other way of life. I am not referring to church attendance or religious rituals. I am talking about intimacy with the father through Jesus Christ. Subsequently, intimacy with God will cause a desire in us to fellowship with other Christ followers. Might I add that this does not mean once a month.

If you have studied worldview before than you should be familiar with the term, pragmatism. If not, let me explain it to you. Every person on the planet has a worldview, and most of those worldviews are shared with other people. Any worldview, and there are thousands, will effect everything you do in life. Pragmatism basically means a way of living, or application to the beliefs you hold.

It is important to take a moment and examine your life. So just for the next few minutes spend some time in silence and solitude. I know this is hard for some of us but just trust me. Examine your day to day life. The rituals you have, friendships you foster, words you say, movies you watch. Literally examine every aspect of your life. Now try to decide if the Gospel, the true Gospel, is intertwined throughout everything you thought of. If it helps, write all of these things down. If it is not the Gospel, what other way of life is consuming you, or perhaps it is a mixture. I will be transparent with you, there are areas of my life where the Gospel message has not fully taken over, YET.

As we close, take a look at verse 10. We are not seeking the approval of man, or here to gain any possessions. We are here as servants of Christ. Let the process of sanctification take over your life. Draw near to Him. Seek Him in everything you do, and every word you say. Be encouraged, because Jesus loves you!

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