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Deuteronomy 29





SCRIPTURE:  Deuteronomy 29

By: Jeremy Witt

If we view these chapters as the conclusion of Moses’ sermon, we are nearing the invitation or call to action.  Moses is reviewing the covenant which was first made at Horeb or Mount Sinai (verse 1).  Moses reviews the people’s history with God, reminding them of what the LORD has done as we see in verse 2.  For the sake of those of us with bad memories, we should do this in our own life as well.  Let us not forget what the LORD has done in our journey, so that we do not make the same mistakes as those before us or even worse, make the same mistakes we have already made again. 

Point of note:  As I look at my life, I have done this very thing as I review my life.  I have repeated failures and sins because I was so caught up in the now rather than the big picture.  Many people dislike history for a variety of reasons, but if we can get to a point where we will review our lives, we can see cycles that repeat or hopefully avoiding repeating by being aware of our history and those who have gone before us. 

Verse 4 has some things that remind me to pray for myself and for my children.  I pray for a heart that is soft and teachable not hard, stubborn, nor rebellious.  I pray for ears to hear God and eyes to see where He is at work.  Henry Blackaby in Experiencing God said that when we see God at work somewhere, we should go and join Him.  I pray that I and my children will see God’s hands at work so that we can be a part of what He is doing. 

Notice verses 11-21.  Notice that God makes this covenant with those in attendance, but also those who will come later.  This covenant is binding to future generations.  Why is this significant to us today?  It was to be shared not only with the family but also with the foreigners in your land as stated in verse 11.  From the very beginning God has intended the family to teach, train, raise up, and disciple the next generation.  Grandparents pass to the parents who pass to their children their faith and history with God.  God’s Word was to taught in the home and lived out daily.  Read verse 15 again.  It starts in the family. 

Then we see the results if the family fails in verses 19-21.  The consequences of doing our own thing is great.  The punishment of not obeying God is great and has dire consequences for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Others will notice as we read in verses 22-28 and will determine that they disobeyed the LORD God. 

40 years earlier, God first made this covenant with the people of Israel.  There is a lot to this covenant as we read in Exodus, Leviticus, and have reviewed in our Deuteronomy devotional, but we can sum this up fairly briefly.  God promised to bless Israel by making them a nation that would help the rest of the world to know God.  In return, Israel promised to love and obey God to receive physical and spiritual blessings.  Moses is reviewing how God has kept up His part and always would, but the Israelites were not fulfilling their end of the covenant.  Moses begins pointing out what will happen if Israel continues to falter as we read in verses 22 and following.

Our legacy will continue through our family.  It will be shaped by our faith and obedience in the LORD God or by our disobedience.  The principles here in the end of Deuteronomy will be seen today in our faith or lack thereof.  Many of these truths are seen throughout the New Testament in our faith and obedience to our Savior.  May we remember what God has brought us through.  May we remember the LORD’s faithfulness and blessings.  May our eyes be open to Him, and our hearts tender and teachable of what He says to us today.  May we not forget and become hard-hearted, and may we pass our faith and history to our children and grandchildren.

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Deuteronomy 27 part two






By: Josh Boles

Before You get started today, i just want to confess that I made a mistake. I looked at the website to see which devotional I was to write and they were out of order so I saw chapter 26 being the last one. I didn't realize that until after I had already written it. Sorry for the repeat, but God spoke to me through this chapter, so I thought we would just run with it. 

Today’s chapter in Deuteronomy has some very interesting stuff in it. Along with that are some incredible truths we can learn from. The main one being, we should keep all of God’s decrees. As Jeremy mentioned last week, this book is starting to come to an end and the Israelites are finally going to be able to enter into the Promise Land. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am sure there is excitement in the air. If we consider what has happened so far in Deuteronomy it is clear that all that has been spoken to them is of the utmost importance.

If you remember in one of our first devotionals in this book, we talked about how Deuteronomy is mostly in sermon form. It is Moses’ exposition of the Law preparing the Israelites to enter into the Promise Land. If you think Joe preaches long sermons sometimes, take this fact into consideration. The book of Deuteronomy has a timespan  of about two years give or take. Wow! A two year long sermon!

It certainly was not 730 straight days of Moses talking, but the point is that this was important stuff, and it took a long time to say it. Maybe that means a long sermon is good for us every now and then??? There is even a tone shift in these chapters from the chapters previous. It is as if the people are finally starting to realize what they need to do. If you have read the Old Testament, it doesn’t last long, but for now they are ready.

There are a couple of things in here I would like to focus on. The first is in verse 1. “Keep the whole commandment that I command you today.” First of all, we must understand that Moses is not claiming that it is his commandment but rather is confident in the revelation the the Lord had given him. But lets think about those words for a moment, “keep the whole commandment.” To this point the Israelites had pretty much pick and chose which Laws that wanted to obey an which ones they wanted to ignore. Before we rail against them, how often do we do this?

I want you to think about a lot of the devotionals we have had, whether in Deuteronomy or any other book that discuss the Law. We have talked about how that Law applies to us today. We have talked many times that every Law Jesus repeated is applicable to us today. We have also talked about the very important fact that we are still under “a Law.” That is the law of righteousness. We are to lived as individuals who's lives have been radically transformed by the saving grace of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. This means doing the things that the Bible tells us to do. Not just the things that are convenient to do.

The fact is however, that we cannot do this on our own. Just like the Israelites. Take a notice to verses 2-8. Here, Moses is giving them guidelines for the altar they are supposed to build. Remember, he won’t be there with them. There is something very interesting about this location. It was very close to the location of the Altar that Abraham built in Genesis 12:6-7, and the one Jacob built in 33:17-20.

This location had sacred memories for the Israelite people. I want you to think about something. I don’t believe that rocks had a whole lot of sacredness to them, or a lot of importance. The important thing is that it reminded them of God’s promise. The point here is that it is important to remember those milestones in our lives. The moment we accepted Christ, or the moment God called us to step out of our comfort zone.

We all have those moments, and maybe yours is right now. The point is it is about remembering what God has done for us and how that will encourage us to live Godly lives. That is why Moses says in verse 26 at the end of the 12 “cursed” statements, “cursed be anyone who does not conform the words of this law by DOING them.” So we must remember to not only observe that there is a good God and that He has saved us, and by the way, he certainly has! The point is, to let that fact motivate us, and live for the God who has saved us from hell. Be encouraged Church! Remember the promises of God, and live for His glory. 

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