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Galatians 4:8-20






BY: Josh Boles

As we dive into today’s portion of Galatians 4, we are continuing in the theme of being heirs with Christ. In these verses Paul is expressing concern for the ways the Gentiles are living. He is also concerned with how quickly they abandon their faith and move on to false doctrine.

In verse 8 he talks about the time when they did not know God, when they were not heirs. Before we are in Christ, we are slaves to our sins, but when we receive Christ we are no longer bound to our sins. Just as Paul is asking the Galatians, recount your past. Think of the time before you came to Jesus. Is your life drastically different now then it was then? It should be.

But now that we have come to know God how could we ever turn our backs on him and return to our former ways. This is what Paul is saying in verse 9. I love how he does not just imply that we should know God, but that He also knows us. This implies a relationship. I know who Justin Bieber is, but he does not know who I am therefore we do not have a relationship, thankfully. Relationships require work. The better the relationship is, the more likely there is a constant stream of communication and development.

Moving on to verse 12 we find something very interesting here. If you remember much about Paul, he would have grown up in the Jewish education system. He would have been HIGHLY educated and would have had the majority if not all of the Torah memorized. That is the first 5 books of the Bible. Before Christ he was a man of the law. He was filthy rich, and had a lot of power. He traded all that to become a servant for Christ. He died to his bondage to the Law. That is what Paul is saying here. He is free from the law and is now alive for the glory of Christ, so we should be also.

Paul kind of sums all of this up in verse 18 by saying, “It is always good to be made much of for a good purpose.” This is followed by just the opposite, to be made much of, but for no good purpose. So here is the question. Are you being used for the Glory of God? or are you being used for no good purpose? Christians should be in a constant state of evaluation. We should always be in constant communion with God repenting of our sins, and growing closer to him. Be encouraged!

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Galatians 4:1-7






BY: Josh Boles

Yesterday our chapter ended with Paul summarizing his view on the Law. He ended it by talking about the fact that because of Christ, we are now all offspring of Abraham. We have become heirs of the kingdom of God. Paul continues this thought into chapter 4. This is one of those times when it becomes obvious to us that the chapter and verse markings are not inspired, just a helpful tool. This is clearly a continued thought.

We start off with a rather odd statement in verse 1. Paul just got done saying that there is neither slave or free, right? In this times a minor would not have been able to collect inheritance until they were of age so that is why Paul is saying they might as well have been considered slaves. This doesn’t mean that a minor would have been treated or valued as that of a slave. And then Paul continues this thought in verse 2. Basically the point here is that the minor is not ready for his inheritance. Something has to happen before he can accept it.

In verse 3 we get the gut punch that Paul is so very good at delivering. He is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for hurting our feelings. So far in our readings we have Identified that the people in Galatia were not living like they were supposed to. They were following elementary doctrine and believed false teachers. Paul is calling out the Galatians (and us) for this very reason. This is a very common theme in a lot of Pauls writings. Paul’s words certainly can cut to the heart and cause some sting, but there is always glorious news attached to these hard lessons.

Verse 4 is this good news! Remember the minor? He was not able to accept his inheritance until he came to age. Something had to happen first. This is that scenario for us. You see, the Gospel and the kingdom of heaven because of Christ, is for the whole world. Christ died so all might come to know him. This event, Christ’s resurrection, is the event that had to take place in order for us to collect our inheritance. Paul even mentions in verse 5 that we received adoptions as sons. In the Roman culture you could disown your own children, and even sell them as slaves. You could not however, under any circumstance, disown an adopted son. Isn’t this great news for us Gentiles!

And because of this, because we are now sons, God has sent us the Holy Spirit as we see in verse 6. If we have received the spirit, then we are no longer slaves to sin or the Law, but to righteousness. This is a theme that will continue til the end of chapter 5. Church! This is great news! We are set free in Christ. I just want to make something perfectly clear though. Just because that event happened, Jesus dying on the cross, does not mean everybody is automatically adopted into the family of God. You must repent of your sins, turn from your old ways, and follow Christ. You must experience intimacy with Jesus. Church, this is the good news that you get to tell people. Be encouraged, and go make disciples!

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