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Exodus 2





BY: Josh Boles

Exodus 2 is perhaps one of the most read chapters in all of the Bible. Who doesn’t remember the story of baby Moses being placed into the basket?  Given the popularity of this chapter I want to try to bring some things into light that are not often talked about. Exodus 2 is a lot like chapter 1 in the fact that we are given a wide timeline with not a lot details or context. It may seem hard to dive into this chapter deeper, but there are many other scriptures that can give us further insight to this story. Remember yesterday how we talked about the continued story of redemption? Today we will get a further glimpse into that and see how all of these amazing stories are intertwined with the Gospel and our lives.

In Exodus the faith of the mother is exalted, but what about Moses’ father? In all of the movies, and Sunday School lessons we are just introduced to Moses’ mother but his father was also there. If you skip ahead to Exodus 6:20 you will find Moses’ parents listed. Their names were Amram and Jochebed. That is not the only clue we have however since Hebrews 11:23 commends both the father and the mother for their great faith to place Moses in that basket.

There is something very interesting about this portion of the story that I have never thought about. Moses’ mother would not have actually broke the law by placing him in the river, however the way in which she put him there would have been defiant. Remember that there were over two million Israelites living in Egypt and if we take a guess nearly one hundred thousand baby boys would have been executed by throwing them into the river. There would not have been enough Egyptian soldiers to carry out this task so the parents would have had to do it themselves in some cases. Could you imagine?

I can assure you that my first instinct would not have been to fashion a basket in the hopes that my baby boy survived. I would have fled Egypt and moved heaven and death to protect my baby boy. That is simply protective instinct for any parent. Instead of following their parental instincts, Moses’ parents placed their faith in God for Moses to be delivered straight into the hands of the people who ordered all of these babies to be killed. Why in the world would they do this?

In verse 1 we read the Moses’ mother saw that He was beautiful. This verse was not simply implying that Moses was a good looking baby, although I’m sure he was, but that he was special. If you would, go take a look at Acts 7:20, and Hebrews 11:23. You will notice that from the very start Moses was no ordinary child and God had great plans for his life.

Doesn’t this all sound familiar? How about a baby boy that would be born a couple of thousand years down the road? A baby boy that will be different from the rest. A baby boy who’s earthly parents had to hand him over to authorities that would end His life. A baby boy that will rescue millions of people from captivity. Are you catching on yet? Im talking about Jesus! We talked yesterday how Exodus is God’s model of salvation for the Old Testament. We will have the opportunity to talk about this much more throughout our time in Exodus but Moses’ life foreshadows the life of Christ. This means that Christ is the example, and the only way to salvation even in the Old Testament. This is the beauty of the cohesive nature of scripture. It is all about God, and His plan of redemption enacted through Jesus Christ. What a glorious, glorious savior we have, and a mighty, mighty God we serve!

So what is our take away here? Moses was special because he was set apart by God for a great purpose. This has great implications for our lives. 1 Peter 1:16 tells us that “we are holy because He is holy.” Holy means to be set apart. Today my main goal was for you to maybe learn something that you didn’t know, but I also want you to know that you are special and beautiful in the eyes of God, only because of Jesus. He has great plans for you if you have the faith to let him do great things in you.

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Exodus 1





BY: Josh Boles

Today we begin a new book in the Old Testament, and one that I am most excited to read through with all of you. If you have been in Church most of your life like I have, Exodus is no stranger to you. Even if you have not spent a lot of time in church, you probably still know the story of Moses and Pharaoh. Learning about the story of Moses was always one of my favorite stories to learn about in Sunday School. If I were preaching right now I might bust out into song, I’m sure you could all guess which song I will have stuck in my head the rest of the day.

Exodus chapter 1 is a pretty short chapter and does not go into extreme details. The chapter briefly tells us how the Israelites came into slavery under the Egyptians. If you traveled on the journey through Genesis with us you should remember that Joseph was second in command in all of Egypt, and later in Genesis nearly 70 of his family members came to live with him. Even after Joseph dies, his name was still honored and respected.

In Genesis 17 God began his covenant with Abraham, and in Exodus we see just how numerous Abraham’s bloodline became in Egypt. So much so that the new king of Egypt (verse 8) thought that there were too many of them that they needed to become their slaves. Just how many Israelites were there? There must have been a lot. Well, we see in Exodus 12 that by the time of the Exodus there were 600,000 Israelite men in Egypt. Counting women and children there were most likely over two million Israelites living in Egypt at the time. In verse 20 we even see that the Israelites were different than the Egyptians and gave birth faster. I can assure you that this is no coincidence, but based on the fact that they were in a covenant relationship with the most high God. God was using and will continue to use the Israelites for His glory for many many years, but there is clearly some suffering they will have to endure first.

Before I end this devotional I want to go back to the beginning of our chapter. The first word of Exodus in the Hebrew Bible is “And.” This is such an important part of the story that I think we over look when reading Old Testament stories. One of the most basic theological (God) truths that we need to carry with us everywhere we go is that the entire Bible is a continued story of God’s plan of redemption. It is a plan that is still unfolding even to this very day, and as Christ followers we have the incredible opportunity to be a part of that story in a most magnificent way.

Exodus is God’s model of salvation in the Old Testament, and there is much we can learn about our faith. One thing we can learn is what I stated above. There is no word, line, chapter or book in the Bible that is out of place. Every word spoken is divinely inspired and is useful for living a Godly life. The second thing we can learn from Exodus 1 is our need for a Savior regardless of circumstances. More often than not in the Old Testament the Israelites are oppressed because of their inability to obey God. This time the Egyptians just got scared that there were too many of them. So, it doesn’t matter if life is going great, if we are being persecuted, or we just simply have a lot of trials in our lives for what seems like no apparent reason. Let me encourage you that no matter what stage of life you are in, God is sovereign over your situation and Christ is your redeemer. Look to him when things are good, look the him when things are not so good. He will carry you through!

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