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Genesis 2




SCRIPTURE: Genesis 2

Chapter one ends with the completion of the sixth day of creation.  Chapter 2 begins with a description of the seventh day and the rest that is supposed to accompany that day.  The rest of chapter 2, however, does not advance the narrative.  Instead the remainder of chapter 2 gives us a very detailed look at part of what God accomplished in chapter one. 

As we work our way through this detailed description one thing we find in verses 5-6 is that it didn’t rain.  The ground was watered by a mist that watered all the earth.  The first rain, that we are aware of, did not fall until Noah and his family entered the Ark.  

Verses 7-8 provide a description of the creation of man.  Notice that God formed him.  The word means to squeeze or mold much like a potter would with a ball of clay.  It is also interesting that Adam was not created in the Garden of Eden.  In fact, God had not even planted the Garden of Eden until after Adam was created.  After his creation, Adam was placed in the garden.

Moving on to verse 18, we find the first time in the creation narrative that God said something was not good.  That doesn’t mean God did something bad.  He is incapable of doing something bad.  It is more of a statement that God was not finished yet.  There was at least one more aspect of creation that He had to do.

From there we move on to the amazing creation of woman.  To this point in the narrative, she is the first part of creation that was made from another creature.  The Bible says she was made or fashioned from one of Adam’s ribs.  This refers to a building of something more than a molding of something like when Adam was created.  This making or fashioning refers to a much more completed process than forming a man from the dust of the earth.

When Adam awoke from this sleep and looked upon this woman, he broke out into song.  

In verse 24, we find some unusual language.  That is a man shall leave his father and mother.  That is not strange to us at all.  But the only Father Adam had was God the Father.  And Adam had no mom.  Obviously these words are for our benefit more than they were Adam’s. 

Here’s a couple of other things before I leave you for the day.  One, the Hebrew word for ground or dirt is Adamah which sounds exactly like the Hebrew word for Adam.  Two, sometimes ladies are a bit offended at the role they think the Bile ascribes to them.  But the term used for the woman in verse 20 is actually “helper”.  That, by the way, is one of the terms Jesus used to describe the role of the Holy Spirit.  Sounds like wives have a most important role and responsibility in the marriage relationship.

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Genesis 1




SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1

Ever since we started this little journey together way back at the end of March, we have been reading New Testament books together.  We have actually done six New Testament books together.  I thought before we started The Gospel of John that maybe we should tackle an Old Testament book but I decided against that at the time.  Well, as you can see, I have now decided for it.  Obviously there are a lot of Old Testament books I could have chosen.  And just as obviously I have chosen Genesis.  I think it could be an interesting journey.  (WARNING: Typically, we do just one chapter each day.  We may do more when it comes to the genealogy chapters because in many instances there won’t be a lot to talk about there.)

As you look over Genesis 1, I want you to think about a concept the theologians call creatio ex nihilo.  That means creation out of nothing.  And that is what God did.  He created the entire universe out of nothing.  He spoke the vast majority of it into existence and then used part of what He had created to make the rest of it. (Think about the creation of humanity.)

This book of beginnings quickly introduces us to God.  The Hebrew word here is Elohim.  That is actually a plural word.  The singular form is El.  In other words, as soon as the story of Bible begins, we not only encounter God but we encounter the marvelous, mysterious fact that He exists as more than one person.  This is not to say there are multiple gods.  That is polytheism and that is a sin.  It is reference to the triune nature of God or the fact that God exists in Trinity.  

We actually see this happening in the first few verses of this chapter.  God the Father is present in the creative process.  He is speaking.  Remember Jesus is the Word of God.  And the Holy Spirit is moving about the face of the planet.  

As odd as that may sound, remember John 1:3 says about Jesus, “All things were made through Him and without Him not anything made that was made.”   Colossian 1:16 says, “For by Him all things were created in heaven an on earth.”  Colossians 1:17 goes on to say, “In Him all things hold together.”

In other words, not only was Jesus intimately involved in the creation of the universe but also He has been and continues to be the One who holds everything together.  That tells me that if He removed His powerful hand the entire universe would fly apart into nothingness which is what it was before God spoke in the beginning.

I think I have space to call your attention to one more thing.  In Genesis 1:26 we encounter the account of God creating humanity.  Genesis 2 expands on this creative process but we initially find it in Genesis 1:26.  

One thing I want you to see is that the entire Trinity was involved in the creation of humanity.  I also want you to see that we were made in the image of God.  As far as I can tell, humanity is the only part of the entire creation that was made in God’s image.  Theologians call this Imago Dei.  

We were created to be image bearers.  We are to be living pictures of the one, true God.  I am quite convinced that Adam and  Eve did a masterful job of that until Genesis 3 when sin crashed into the Garden and ruined the entire universe.  Nevertheless, as Christ followers we are to be image bearers today.  When people see us, watch us, listen to us, engage with us, they should be exposed to the reality of who God is.

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