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1 John 5





As we wrap up this book, I want to take you to verse 11 of this chapter.  

The first thing we find there is that God gave us eternal life.  Eternal life is not earned.  It is given.  Indeed eternal life is a gift.  But never forget this gift is not something.  It is someone.  The gift is none other than Jesus.  As you look at the end of verse 11, you will see that this gift of eternal life is not just from Jesus.  But it is “in” Jesus.

Verse 12 elaborates on this.  Whoever has Jesus has life.  Those that don’t have Jesus don’t have life.  Obviously this is not talking about physical life.  Everyone on the planet has physical life but everyone on the planet is certainly not saved.  This promise of having Jesus means having life is a promise of eternal life.

In fact, the end of verse 13 identifies this life as “eternal life”.  Perhaps we should stop here and talk a bit about what we mean when we say eternal life.  Typically, when we use the term eternal life we are talking about quantity of life.  We mean that we get to live forever.  And there is certainly that aspect of eternal life.  It is a forever existence in heaven.  But eternal life is also about quality of life.  In John 10:10, Jesus said that He came to give us abundant life.  That is a quality issue.  So, eternal life is not just about how long we live.  It is also about how well we live.

There is, however, another aspect of verse 13 that we have to talk about.  Notice John says that he has written this letter to those who believe (Christ followers) so that they may know they have eternal life. 

Over the years, one of the most common struggles I hear about among church folks is how do they know if they are really saved or not.  Honestly, in my earlier years of being a Christ follower, I wrestled with the same issue.  This struggle can be debilitating and devastating.

But it is important that you know that God doesn’t want you to go through that.  In fact, He wants you to know that you are saved (if you are saved).  I am convinced that He wants us to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are saved.  This is actually what verse 13 speaks to.

1 John was written for many reasons and to teach us many things.  But one of the main reasons it was written,  perhaps the main reason it was written, was so we could know that we have eternal life.  

If you are struggling with a question about your salvation, I would encourage you to reread this short book.  And as you reread it, I would encourage you to underline everything that is said about characteristics of being a true Christ follower.  You may be amazed at how much this book actually has to say about this important issue.  And I think you may be amazed at how much help this might be to you.  If you ever need to talk about this, please don’t hesitate to come by or call.


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