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Luke 12:41-59




SCRIPTURE:  Luke 12:41-59

By:  Jeremy Witt

As I stated at the end of our devotional, let me repeat this again.  Be prepared for Jesus’ return.  Just like we need a plan for bad weather, we need to be prepared for the LORD’s return.  Let us be found faithful and ready!

From Genesis 2, we are called to be good stewards.  A steward takes care of things whether that be animals, plants, home, property, etc but in this case, Jesus is referring to be spiritually prepared.  We are promised a reward to the faithful stewards and vice versa for being unprepared in verse 46 and 47. 

As I sit here, I have one eye on the radar, because possible storms may hit Stephens County and Grady County.  I am paying attention.  There are some meteorologists who are going crazy.  There are some who are calm.  But all are paying attention to the weather.  The same is true for our expectation of the LORD’s return.  We need to be watching for the signs or indicators.  We have to use these signs effectively as well as to warn people of His return.  Some may think we are crazy.  Some may ignore the warnings.  Some will take heed and prepare themselves.  We have been told what is expected.  Be faithful.  Be obedient and diligent to stay true to our Master.  We are to be watchful and use our skills, talents, resources, etc for this event.  It will happen.  We must be ready and alert.  As Oklahomans, we should understand this better than most.

These next verses seem different coming from Jesus.  Jesus refers to His baptism of suffering which we know as the crucifixion and the events leading up to His death.  It seems to be sterner like a warrior rather than the sacrificial lamb as we read in verse 51.  Jesus is preparing for what is to come, but also to give a picture of how He will return.  At this moment, Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb who will take the sins of the world upon Himself.  His next appearing will not be so appealing.  Depending on your view of theology and eschatology, Jesus will appear first in the sky to call His own to heaven and then will come as the conqueror to defeat Satan and the AntiChrist.  The timing of this is up for much debate, but when Jesus speaks this world, He is speaking to when He will come back as Revelation tells us.  There will be disunity, not unity.  Jesus quotes Micah 7:6 in verse 53. 

Remember that Jesus is speaking these things to the disciples, not to the crowd.  See verse 22 if you need to read this in its entirety together.  Jesus turns back to the crowd in verse 54.  The crowd could not handle all that Jesus spoke to the disciples.  To be honest, the disciples couldn’t handle it at that moment and did not understand it until after the Resurrection.  Granted many in the crowd had to hear at least bits and pieces of this conversation because Jesus turns to the crowd in verse 54 and speaks about signs in the weather.  For the majority of people, they were farmers or tied to agriculture in a variety of ways.  The right amount of sun and rain was critical for a successful harvest.  Paying attention to the weather was critical for success in agriculture, and Jesus was telling the people of something significantly more important than their crop harvest.  However, it should be noted that many people probably cared more about their crop than they did their faith as people do today with a variety of things.  Just as the original hearers had to stay focused, we must do the same thing.  If we focus on our finances as discussed earlier in the chapter, we can miss out on the spiritual harvest and Jesus’ return which can come at a moment’s notice. 

Are we so focused on our own lives, or are we paying attention to what God is doing?  Are we involved on His agenda or our own?  Will we be prepared?  Are we preparing now? 

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Luke 12:13-40




SCRIPTURE:  Luke 12:13-40

By:  Jeremy Witt

We come to today’s reading and Jesus is asked a question by a person in the crowd.  In way of background, it was common for a Jewish rabbi to be asked questions over various topics.  The rabbis would respond and would serve as a judge for many of these smaller issues.  Jesus does not deal specifically with the original question but focuses on the bigger issue of wealth and greed.  As we read in verses 16-21, Jesus again speaks in a parable focusing on the issue of wealth and greed.  What we see from Jesus is that He points to the heart of the question that was originally posed to Him. 

This is one of the ways that the LORD responds to us.  When we are in prayer, reading in the Word, crying out to God, etc. the Spirit points out how we (Me) are at fault or that the issue is within ourselves and not the other person or situation.  The answer is often not the one that we are seeking, but it causes us to deal with the sin in our own lives rather than those in someone else. 

Verses 22-34 are a picture of how Jesus would disciple the disciples in the midst of public teaching.  He would turn from the crowd and teach specifically to those closest to Him.  Notice how Jesus dealt with food, clothing, lodging, etc.  I am putting myself into the disciples' sandals right here.  But if we were constantly walking and going, feeding the crowds from scraps, relying on the hospitality of others, and getting rejected by many, I would get tired of it and might even complain.  If this were going on, Jesus certainly knew that and this may be why He spoke to the matter.  Or possibly it was just in their hearts and had not been spoken.  Maybe I am reading too much of my selfishness into the disciples, but still, these words apply to at least me.  I need to trust more and worry less.  I can’t use the excuse of being a 3rd generation worrier.  I am called to walk by faith not worry.   Yet this is what I find myself doing.  Verse 31 is key for us to remember on a daily basis.  Then verse 32 comes along.  I have seen this joy of my parents as they have helped me as I have grown and even today.  Parents love to help their kids especially as we seem them grow and mature in the right way.  I imagine the joy of the Father as He gives me the things I need to glorify Him.

In verse 33 and 34, Jesus points us again to how to use our wealth to help others.  Are we focused on making a profit or our retirement?  Am I consumed with making another dollar?  Or am I helping someone in need?  Our aim should be for eternity and not for the moment or even for our retirement.  This is exactly what we see in the book of Acts as the Church quickly grows.  As people had a need, they would use their wealth to help someone else.  Go read Acts 2 to see for yourself. 

In verses 35-40, Jesus again warns of what is to come.  He told the disciples that He would leave.  But He also said that He would return.  They expected Him to return in their lifetime.  As the centuries have passed, generations have expected His return to be in their lifetime.  Our question that we need to ask is, “are we prepared for His return?”  Are we ready and waiting for Him as it says in verse 37?  I remember in high school expecting Jesus to return.  As I have grown, I have caught myself thinking that it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime.  I caught myself being consumed with me and not with Him or the things of Him.  If I or we find ourselves in this situation, we will not be ready.  I would hate to be like one of those in verse 40. 

Keep these things in mind and we will continue this tomorrow.  Be prepared.  Just like we need a plan for bad weather, we need to be prepared for the LORD’s return.  Let us be found faithful and ready!

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