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Genesis chapter 43-44


SCRIPTURE: Genesis 43-44
Author:  Jeremy Witt

Each day this week on the church Facebook, I will be posting the passages for Holy Week.  Regardless of our current situation, we will celebrate Jesus, the Cross, the Resurrection, and His eventual return.

As we return to Israel, the famine is going strong, and the grain that they brought back is nearly gone.  Jacob told his sons to go and get more grain and they reminded him that Benjamin would have to go.  We read Judah stepping up to be responsible for Benjamin and pledges that he will return Benjamin to Jacob safely.  This is a bold move that puts a lot of responsibility on Judah’s shoulders.  Since we last heard from Judah, he has grown more responsible.

Now, this is where things are going to change.  Since the majority of us are out of the norm, I felt the urge to change things up.  I will ask you some questions, and I would challenge you to reply to me via email. 

1.     What does this teach us about God?  This may be direct or indirect.  Or you might point out why this story is important for us today?

2.     What does Jacob’s response in verse 12 teach us about him as a man? 

3.     What does Joseph’s story with his brothers teach us about humanity?  This can be positive or negative.  Feel free to pull details from earlier chapters regarding the family as a whole or specifics.

4.     What are verses 32-34 about?

5.     In chapter 44, there is a moment that brings the story to its height or climax.  Why is this so important for the big reveal in chapter 45?  Discuss any things that we might learn for us today.

Okay, I’ll stop.  I realize some of you will never participate, and honestly, I think you are missing out.  If I can get you to do more than just read Scripture, then we are growing during this time together.  If we put ourselves into the story or the people who heard the story first hand, we will gain more insight and understanding.  I dare you to try. 

PS, no grades.   Take advantage of this time to dig into God’s word and let’s see what we can teach one another.

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