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Ephesians Chapter 2

Daily Devotion

Tuesday, September 15

Ephesians 2

By Josh Boles

Today we get to study one of those chapters that is so theologically rich that we could really spend a day or two talking about every single verse. Gain, Paul is concerned with unifying this young Church. Paul wants to remind the Church that God lavishes his grace on Christians through Him saving us. Paul makes it clear that we did not initiate this process, because we were dead, but it is only by God’s grace. These are pretty crucial fundamental truths Christ followers need to know in order to understand their salvation and be unified to Christ and the Church.

The first section we will cover is 1-10. Of course when we read this we read we see 5 or 6 really long sentences. When Paul wrote the in the original Greek however; this was one sentence, or one complete thought. The though it that we are saved by grace through faith, its just expanded quite a bit.

Verse 1-3 are really key for us to understand the relationship between us, sin, and Jesus. These verses really are grim and don’t paint a great picture. The only positive thing in these verses is the verb tense Paul uses. Paying attention to verb tense in scripture is very important. We were dead. We once walked. We were by nature. The overarching theme here is that when left to ourselves, we are utterly hopeless, and we can do absolutely nothing about it without Christ. Just refer to Romans 3:10-12. None of us are good and can obtain Salvation.

So how do we become dead in our trespasses? All humans are born into this world sons and daughters of Adam and Eve meaning we are born into this World spiritually dead. Here is the thing about that. Paul describes us here in verse two as, “Children of wrath,” and “Sons of disobedience.” We are just like the rest of mankind. I think Paul is basically saying that in our flesh, we have no inclination towards God nor can we please Him. This is our nature and we can do nothing about it. NOTHING!

Then, in verse 4 we have perhaps the most beautiful words in all of scripture. “But God!” We are children of disobedience, “But God!” We are completely hopeless and deserve death, “But God.” Because of this, as verse 5 says, we can have salvation even though we were dead in our sins. Pay very close attention to the wording in verse 5. “He made us alive together with Christ.” Thus is the unity Paul is describing, and it is one we have nothing to do with. It is only Christ who first brings us to Him and through His grace and love unify us to the Church.

Because of this, we are no longer sons of disobedience, but Children of light! And just to be sure that we are clear on the theology Paul summarizes in verse 8-10. It is only by grace through faith and it is not our own doing. We have nothing to boast about, because it is the completed work of Christ on the cross that saves us. We just simply surrender.

There really is so much more to unpack in the rest of this chapter but we are out of space. Verses 11-22 are again one sentence but this time focuses on the implications of God’s grace in our lives. In verses 11-15 we see the unity of Christ’s Church. Christ makes peace between the Jew and the Gentile and there is only one unified people. In verses 16-18 we see that we can have peace with God because of the cross of Jesus. And then in verses 19-22 we really see the implication of Christ’s peace. Because of these implications we are joined together for an incredible work. Church! We have an incredible work ahead of us so I’ll end with a question. Do you have your one yet?

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