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1 Thessalonians chapter 5


Author:  Jeremy Witt
Every Christ-follower and even some seekers were asking one big question.  When will Jesus return?  The skeptics would ask this to Christians and no one had a good answer.  This rings true still today.  No one knows but the LORD God Himself.  In fact, every generation since Jesus ascended into heaven has thought that he would return in their lifetime.  I think that Jesus might return in my lifetime.  We are told here and numerous other places throughout the New Testament that Jesus will return and be watchful, waiting, and prepared.  When we come to a time that the world thinks that we are at peace and everything is good, we should be on high alert for Jesus’ appearing; however, we are nowhere near peace based upon today’s circumstances.
But let me follow chapter 5’s message and bring you some encouragement.  This is what rings so loudly in this chapter to me.  Let’s make a list of things that our chapter tells us to do for one another as well as for ourselves. 

  • Verse 5 we are called children of light.  Paul speaks about this in Ephesians 4 as well.  Ephesians 5 speaks about living in the light. 
  • Verse 6 be on our guard, be alert, be sober-minded.
  • Verse 8 we are reminded of our spiritual armor that protects us.  This reminds us that God has provided us the protection that the world may not or will not see.  Even in times of difficulty, suffering, persecution, God is providing for us.  Ephesians 6:10-17 speaks of our spiritual armor.
  • Verses 9-10 speaks of the Gospel and our LORD’s sacrifice so that we might be saved.
  • 11 tells us to encourage one another and build each other up
  • 12 speaks of honoring your spiritual leaders/mentors/disciple-makers
  • 13 says to show respect and love to these leaders.
  • 14 speaks of protecting those who are “lazy” and timid by encouraging them and being patient towards them.
  • 15 speaks of not paying back evil with more evil
  • 16 always be joyful.
  • 17 pray and don’t stop praying
  • 18 be thankful in all circumstances
  • 19 don’t quench or stifle the Holy Spirit
  • 20 don’t scoff or despise prophecies
  • 21 but do examine/search out the truth/question them according to God’s Word
  • 22 stay away from all sorts of evil or every form of evil

Paul then goes to his final words which are encouraging by reminding us that God is faithful and that He will watch over us.  He tells us to look out and encourage one another yet again and to share this letter with others. 
Why is it so necessary for us to do these things?  We can go with the obvious answer because we are told so by God’s Word.  We could say because it is the right thing to do.  We could say because Jesus did, so should we, and all these are right answers.  The thing that this chapter does is meant to encourage and guide us to right and Godly living.  How I would answer is because I am going to need to be reminded, and if you all do not do this, then I will fall flat on my face.  I will miss the mark and not help you by reminding you in times of need.  It isn’t the holiest answer, but the practical answer I see as to why we need to do these things is that we will all need help, encouragement, and reminding.  When we work together as God intended us to do, we accomplish far more together than we could ever do alone.  We are not meant to be on an island, but to be connected to the body of Christ or His Church.  I need you.  The Church is better when we are together, united, and staying on course together.
May we grow to become this together for the glory and praise of our great God and Savior! 

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1 Thessalonians Chapter 4





By: Josh Boles

Hey everybody! It's been a while! I am writing this devotional for Jeremy today but I also wanted to let you know that I'll be getting back int he saddle next week. I know you are relieved because you just simply have to be getting tired of Jeremy..... But really I appriciate him covering for me during all of this online Church business, so thanks Jeremy!

There are a lot fo things about Paul that have me convinced that he is a Southern Baptist. Today is a great example when he uses the word, "finally," only halfway through his letter.  What is it that brother Jordy says, "What does it mean when a Baptist preacher says he is almost done?" "Absolutely nothing." Really what this means, is that the conclusion will be just as long as his argument! 

Paul begins this chapter talking about the Christian life.  As is often the case in the Scriptures, the Christian life is referred to as a walk.  That is so crucial for us to understand. Life with Jesus is a journey, not a short hike. We take the first step and we inch closer to Jesus with every step. We call this progressive sanctification. 

Paul challenges us in verse 1 to walk or to live in a way that pleases God.  So what does this look like? At the time of writing this, the Roman empire pretty much ruled the known world, and was a culture that was disturbingly sexually immoral.   When we are made alive in Christ, we are regenerated. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "The old is gone." Still, we live a life in a fleshly body and sometimes cling to the sin that binds us. This is the same for the people that Paul is writing to. They were reluctant to give up the things in life that brought their flesh pleasure so, Paul challenges them with the fact that walking in a way that pleases God means living a sexually pure life.

When you get to verse 7, Paul makes the point that sexual purity is necessary for holiness.  In other words if we desire to be like the Lord, we need to live pure lives. 

The more we are like the Lord, the more we will genuinely love others which is the topic in verse 9.  Paul goes on to say that the Thessalonians were known for loving other believers but he encourages them to love more and more.  As Christ followers we cannot love enough. This kind of ties in to bro Jordy's message on Sunday. Keep building those bridges! 

In verse 11, we are given some other characteristics of a holy life.  We are to live a quiet life.  Too much noise of our own making or the result of others distracts us from the most important things in life.  We are to take care of our business.  And we are to work to provide for ourselves, our families, and for others who cannot provide for themselves.  Living like this provides an indisputable testimony to those who are not Christ followers.

When we get to verse 13, Paul seems to shift subjects.  But in turn, I think he is giving us a reason to live a holy life.  And that reason is one day, Jesus is coming back to take believers out of the earth. 

I want you to notice what Paul says about in verse 14.  He says if we believe that Jesus died and rose again we should also believe that Jesus is coming back to get us.  This is absolutely huge.  The death and resurrection is the foundational truth of the Gospel.  And in the same way that we believe and cling to that truth, we should also hang on to the fact that Jesus will come and get his church.  Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly!

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