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Colossians 2



Wednesday, September 30


As is very typical of Paul, he continues to pack more words into each sentence than perhaps any other person can.  But each of the words he uses is important.  And each clause tends to reveal great Biblical truth.  Without exaggeration, it would be easy to spend a day or two on each of Paul’s paragraphs.  Instead, we have one day to deal with an entire chapter. Whew!

Paul begins this chapter by speaking of his great struggle for the believers in Colossae and in Laodicea.  The word for struggle is the basis for our word agony.  So, Paul’s concern for these folks was rooted deep in his heart and spirit.  It is not that some great heresy was being practiced in Colossae.  But the heretics and the false teachers were there and doing their best to mislead the Colossian church.  By the way, there are heretics and false teachers in the church today who are doing their best to mislead the church.

The key to knowing what is false teaching and what is not is knowing the truth.  Paul reminds us in verse two that full assurance of understanding and knowledge of God’s mystery is found only in Christ.  And in Christ (verse 3) are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  In other words, the more we know the reality of the true Christ, the greater prepared we are to deal with false teaching.  Our ignorance of the Scripture is fertile ground for heretical doctrines to creep in.

In verses 6-7, Paul talks about the relationship that should exist between each believer and Jesus.  We are to walk or live in Him.  This points to a continuous action.  As fish swim in the water, so should we live in Him.  We are to be rooted in Him.  We are to put our roots down deep into Him from whence we can draw the life and sustenance that we need.  We are to be built up in Him.  Once we are saved, we should necessarily begin the process of growing in Him.  Finally, we are to be established in Him.  This refers to a stability of life.  We stand firm in Him.  If we do these things, we will experience safety from being kidnapped and held captive by false teaching (verse 8). 

Verse 9 makes the incredible point that the fullness of deity is in Jesus.  In other words, Jesus is fully and completely God.  One of the common heresies of Paul’s day and of our day is to try to chip away at the deity of Jesus.  Just remember if Jesus is not God, He could not have died for all of humanity.  If He is not God, there is no way He can save any of us.  If He is not God, then the entire New Testament is a lie.

Verse 13 makes an incredible and important point.  When we are saved, we are made alive together with Jesus.  We share in His eternal life.  And we have been forgiven all of our sins.  That is a crazy important truth.  When we were saved, we weren’t just forgiven for what we had done before we were saved.  We were saved from all of our sins that we had ever committed or would ever commit.  As a result, our salvation is secure and the life we share with Jesus is eternal.

Because of that the religious traditions of men hold no power over us.  (verses 16ff).  There are no religious rules that we have to follow to maintain our salvation or our relationship with God.  Indeed when we are saved, we step into the glorious freedom of relationship with the one, true God.  That doesn’t mean we are free to do whatever we might want to do.  But it does mean we are free not to do what man made religion puts in front of us.  Rejoice in your freedom but just make sure your freedom is what Jesus has given you and not what you want it to be.

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Colossians 1



MONDAY, September 28


Today we start another book.  This book that we call Colossians is a rich book, full of theology and application.  Each chapter is full of incredible truth that deserves to drilled down into.  In fact, it would be more than possible for us to spend several days in each chapter.  But our promise was one chapter a day.  And the promise will be kept even though that means we will have to gloss over some pretty important stuff and basically ignore some other important stuff.

Colossians is one of Paul’s prison epistles.  He wrote it while in a Roman prison.  He opens the letter like he does all of his other letters: identifying himself (and in this case Timothy); and, identifying his audience.  He then offers a very typical Pauline greeting: grace and peace.  Don’t miss the importance of the order of that greeting.  Grace must necessarily precede peace.  We will never know God’s peace until we have first experience God’s grace.

If you will skip down to verses 15 and following, you will find the basis of this chapter.  In this section, Paul talks about who Jesus is.  He is the image of the invisible God (the God not seen) as opposed to idols made by human hands which could obviously be seen. 

He is the firstborn of all creation.  The word firstborn does not refer to a physical birth or a creation event in which Jesus came into being.  He is not a created being.  He is eternal.  He has always existed.  The concept of firstborn is about position not creation.  In the eastern culture, the firstborn male in the family had all the rights of inheritance and power.  That is the sense in which Jesus is firstborn.

Jesus is creator.  Of everything.  And He holds everything together.  In verse 18, Jesus is the head of the church.  In verse 19, He is preeminent in all things and in Him is the fullness of God.  In other words, Jesus is fully God.  In verse 20, He is the reconciler who made peace with God possible by His death on the cross.

Now let’s change direction just a bit.  Because of who Jesus is and what He has done, we who were totally opposed to God (verse 21) have been reconciled to God.  Verse 13 says we have been rescued from the domain of darkness and moved into the Kingdom of the beloved Son.  We have been given a forever relationship with God. 

This relationship is the basis for a lot of important things.  Way back in verse 9, we read about being filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.  The only way we can know about God and His plan is through Jesus.  Verse 26 says the mystery of God’s plan is being revealed to those who are in personal relationship with God.

In verse 10, we find where our relationship with God through Jesus is the basis and foundation of living a different life: a worthy walk.  Trying to live like that apart from God is the basis for self-righteousness.  Living like that in relationship with God through Jesus is the basis of an incredibly fruitful life and a deepening understanding of who God is (verse 10).

See, I told you there is a lot of stuff in theses chapters. By the way, I didn’t even scratch the surface.  But maybe I gave you enough to encourage you to read a little more and dig a little deeper.

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