6 Things You Should Know About Graduation Seniors

    05.04.17 | by Mitch Boles

     1. They are broke.

     The transition to the real world is tough. They will have bills to pay, food to buy, and gas to put in the car. Get them a gift card to Sonic or something…

    2. They have new responsibilities

    More than just keeping up with their school work and social activities, they have to cook and clean now. If you come in contact with one and notice a smell or see that “ALL” their clothes are pink, give them a little grace. They are just learning to do their laundry. 


    3. They are excited!

    Students think that they are now adults! FREEDOM! They are excited about the thought of being away from mom and dad, the thought of pursuing their dreams. Take the time to encourage them by asking what they plan to do in this next stage of life.

    4. They are terrified!

    Freedom, right? Or so they thought… While all the change is exciting they are all secretly terrified to be away from mom and dad. After all, who will do their dishes and clean up their room?

    5. They will make mistakes.

    When this happens, keep in mind that not every moment is a discipline moment, but every moment can be a teaching moment. Look for those moments to teach.

    6. They need prayer.

    Statistics show that 75% of students drop out of church when they graduate! These seniors are about to enter a world where all their beliefs will be tested. They will face temptation like never before. Students will be put in situations they have likely never seen. They need you to pray like never before! PRAY PRAY PRAY