04.27.17 |

    1. Kids are a blessing from God.

    It may not always feel that way.  Honestly, there are times it feels like anything but that.  But the Bible is clear that our kids are blessings from God.

    2. Kids are not perfect.

    We want them to be, particularly when we are out in public with them.  But they aren’t.  The honest, difficult truth is they can’t be perfect.  That means one of the worst things we can do to our kids is treat them like they are (Your kids are always right. Everybody else is always wrong.).  Before you get mad at your kids for not being perfect, remember that most of that is genetic.  The imperfections of the parents are often passed down to and magnified in the kids.

    3. Kids are smarter than you think.

    That doesn’t mean they know everything.  In fact, there are few things more obnoxious than a know-it-all kid.  But kids do have an enormous, God given capacity to learn and process information.  This is perhaps nowhere better seen than in their remarkable ability to navigate our rapidly changing culture.  As parents, one of the best things we can do is help our kids transition from just knowing things to being wise about things.

    4. Parenting is hard work.

    Parenting is one of the most challenging and most important things we do.  Although we often hope that when our kids transition into their next stage, parenting will be easier. What we actually discover is that it just gets more complicated.

    5. Parents need help.

    One of the great struggles with parenting is we are always being forced to deal with stuff we haven’t dealt with before.  So, we agonize over our decisions and worry about the results.  The local church can actually be a great resource when it comes to raising kids.  It is not the church’s job to raise your kids for you.  But it is the church’s responsibility to resource, encourage, and help you as parents.  You should find a church that will do that for you.  And, for the sake of your family, you should make a commitment to attend there consistently.